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About Eagle Eye Artwork

I've been Airbrushing off and on for about 10 years (more Off than On) due to my 9-5 job but that one pays the bills.  I have had my artwork Published and wrote numerous Articles for Airbrush Technique Magazine over the years.  My work is well known for the attention to details I provide, main example is that I stitch all the flags I paint. 

I strictly do the Artwork and outsource all the bodywork and clearcoat to local bodyshops.


 Last, I believe in the "Pick 2 out of 3" Rule.   

CHEAP, FAST OR RIGHT.....Pick 2 but you will not get the Third one

If you want it CHEAP and FAST....It want be RIGHT

If you want it CHEAP and RIGHT....It want be FAST

If you want it FAST and RIGHT....It want be CHEAP